Dr. Martina Stippler

“Working with Ellis strategies was effective in making me a confident public speaker. It was easy to work with Matt. He worked around my busy schedule, and his insight and tips were exactly what I needed to up my game in public speaking.”

Dr. Martina Stippler2023-09-27T18:54:16+00:00

Patrick Belmonte

“During 2022 we began working with Ellis PR and I can honestly say it has been an incredibly impactful partnership. We have worked with many outside partners for specific projects over the past 10 years and working with Ellis has been the most fruitful. They helped our non-profit develop well planned and simple strategy for the PR that we needed during the launch of a new major program. Ellis developed language and reached out to media outlets, politicians, as well as handling schedules and other details that were […]

Patrick Belmonte2023-09-27T18:56:24+00:00

Dan Van Hise, RRT-NPS

“Thank you so much for an excellent experience! My Team was very satisfied!”

Dan Van Hise, RRT-NPS2023-09-27T18:56:21+00:00

Manikka Bowman

“We rely on Matt for his strategic guidance. We have a long-standing, collaborative relationship that has resulted in substantial media attention and content creation.”

Manikka Bowman2023-09-27T18:56:15+00:00

Stuart Saginor

“Ellis Strategies really hit the mark for us. Their strategy helped us educate the public and the Legislature about the effectiveness of the Community Preservation Act. Matt and the team took control and drove the initiative to the finish line.”

Stuart Saginor2023-09-27T18:56:11+00:00

Adam Olenn

“Matt helped us navigate a challenging communications situation. He helped refine our messaging, and brought deep expertise into the timing and sequencing of our message so we could maintain control of a dynamic situation. We planned very carefully, and everyone knew their role, and things unfolded exactly according to plan. He was a true pro in a high-stakes situation.”

Adam Olenn2023-09-27T18:56:07+00:00

Stephanie Wasser

“Matt and his team have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to raise ULI Boston’s profile, and increase the local media’s coverage of real estate development, land use and urban planning. We count on Matt’s knowledge and perspective to help guide our programming decisions.”

Stephanie Wasser2023-09-27T18:56:02+00:00

Stacy Brandon

“We rely on Matt’s insight to guide our PR and Marketing efforts. Over the years he and his team have demonstrated their ability to generate placements in key media outlets which have helped raise awareness of our company.”

Stacy Brandon2023-09-27T18:55:57+00:00

Richard M. Gollis

“We’ve had great success working with Ellis Strategies. Matt and his team consistently provide us with new ideas for getting The Concord Group recognized by key journalists. His team has also been critical in helping us release white papers to our industry. We don’t make a PR move without consulting Ellis.”

Richard M. Gollis2023-09-27T18:55:53+00:00