Public Crisis Management in Massachusetts

Our team of public crisis management experts will help you navigate a public crisis, seize control of the news cycle and minimize long-term damage.

Crisis Management in MassachusettsIs your company’s reputation at risk? Bad news travels fast—especially today. When the news breaks, your stakeholders expect a rapid response, but this is no time to act without proper planning and guidance.

We understand that this pressure can be magnified when dealing with a public crisis. Executives who understand how to engage with their audience will achieve great results which is why as part of our crisis management services we share the fundamentals behind defining your message and delivering it with confidence and conviction, even under pressure.

You need the expertise of Ellis Strategies to help you anticipate how the media will come at you and how you can respond to mitigate the risk and protect your reputation. Since we are former journalists, our team at Ellis Strategies has the insider’s knowledge to manage the crisis. We will immediately assess the situation then implement five critical communications steps:

Identify the opportunities

Define your message

Evaluate the news cycle

Prepare you to face reporters

Repair your online reputation

We know why some stories dominate the news and others don’t. We recognize when it’s time to play defense and when it’s better to play offense. We can identify your vulnerabilities and your strengths then determine the best strategies for communicating your story to an internal and external audience.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today to receive a free crisis management consultation and we’ll help guide you through the crisis.