Don’t Just Say It: A News Director’s Practical Guide to Public Speaking

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Matt Ellis worked in newsrooms across America for nearly three decades. As a reporter in Bluefield, WV and a news director in Boston, Matt gained a unique perspective on what makes a good story. It’s a skill he honed further as head-writer for “Good Morning America.”

With that background in broadcast journalism, Matt has developed an expert media coaching strategy—coaching hundreds of businesses, non-profits, schools and colleges on the nuances of public speaking.

Matt shares this knowledge in his new book, “Don’t Just Say it… a News Director’s Practical Guide to Public Speaking.” The ultimate insider’s manual, the book gives public speakers at all levels a game plan for connecting their story to their specific audience. With real-world examples and a newsman’s view of making communication simple and direct, Matt shows readers how to harness their anxiety into positive energy and deliver a presentation that is focused, entertaining and informative.

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