Service Overview

Led by former News Director at WBZ TV, Matt Ellis and his team at Ellis Strategies Inc. provide a wide-range of consulting services that include public speaking, executive coaching, media training and more for a diverse client list that includes top business executives, university presidents and deans, hospital CEOs, scientific thought leaders, and more. With a number of accolades including the New England Emmy Award, and the George Foster Peabody Award, Ellis Strategies has become a local communications leader. Ellis Strategies is pleased to offer strategic guidance in the following areas:

Photo of a camera and a crowd, representing Ellis Strategies Public Relations services

Boston Public Relations

What makes us a unique Boston public relations firm is that we are newsroom veterans and approach your PR needs with a deep understanding of how journalists think. What is your story & who is the audience? Understanding this allows us to shape & target your pitch. In the case of a public crisis we act fast to deploy our resources & seize control of the news cycle.

Photo of a crowd and microphone representing Ellis Strategies Crisis Management services

Crisis Management

We understand that this pressure can be magnified when dealing with a public crisis. Executives who understand how to engage with their audience will achieve great results which is why as part of our crisis management services we share the fundamentals behind defining your message and delivering it with confidence and conviction, even under pressure.

Photo of a media training session

Media Training in Boston

The Ellis Strategies team provides customized programs for media training in Boston for organizations, small groups, and individuals. We simulate a real TV interview and record your performance for immediate playback and critique. With our guidance you will learn how to answer the tough questions, stay on message, and deliver key points with confidence and conviction.

Photo of an executive presenting to a group, representing Ellis Strategies excutive coaching and communications training

Executive Communications Coaching

We understand that executives are under constant pressure to communicate their company’s message to a diverse group of both internal and external stakeholders. Executives who understand how to engage with their audience get better results. We work closely with executives and management to help them refine their message and deliver it with confidence and conviction.

Photo of an executive presenting, representing Ellis Strategies Presentation Skills training

Presentation Skills

Executives think strategically but they don’t always communicate that way. How you communicate your message to all possible audiences, whether it’s the latest innovation or a corporate restructuring, will determine how well it is received. Employees, stakeholders and reporters all respond to different cues. It’s not enough to give the facts; you have to shape the story.

A photo of a video camera with two people in conversation behind the scenes

Video Production

Video is a powerful communications tool. Whether your video is viewed on a giant screen at a trade conference, or on a 3”x 2” iPhone screen, the right combination of imagery, music, voice over and interview sound is the best way to command attention and get your message heard. We will create a narrative that highlights your strengths and positions you well in the marketplace.