Media Training in Massachusetts

Ellis Strategies Utilizes Years of Extensive Experience to Provide Top Media Training Services in Massachusetts

Media TrainingWhether you are the CEO of a bank under SEC scrutiny and media spotlights, or the president of a university celebrating the opening of a new science center, the opportunities to communicate directly to the public are too valuable to squander.

It’s not enough to deliver a message that is concise and convincing. What if you fumble a key question or go off script and say something you regret? As veteran journalists, we know how the media thinks and why reporters ask certain questions. We have trained CEOs, university presidents and spokespeople to face off with the toughest reporters and hold their ground.

Why Ellis Strategies

Matt Ellis spent over a decade as a News Director and Executive Producer in major U.S. TV markets. He has worked with top anchors and reporters to improve their on-air performance and storytelling skills. He shares his insight and real-world experience in every Media Training and Presentation Skills Training program.

What You’ll Learn

Our media training puts subjects in the “hot seat”. We create a realistic TV interview set and conduct interviews as if we were a network television crew. We write the interview questions—with input from you—aiming to closely match the subject matter and expected tone of the interview.

We conduct two rounds of interviews for each participant. The videotaped interviews are then played back and critiqued in real time. Feedback is honest and constructive. We focus on:

Ability to respond to questions
Ability to respond using your talking points
Body language
Voice quality

In between the two interview rounds we lead a discussion about the media with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation that covers these points:

The role of the media
How changes in the industry impact you
What reporters are looking for
How to stick to your talking points
Tips to avoid reporters’ tricks and traps
Non verbal communication